Discover the power of Managed Solr Server

Solr is a blazing fast open source search engine, that can be linked to a lot of systems. You can experience the benefits of Solr simple and fast with a Managed Solr Search Engine

Benefits of a managed server:
  • no knowledge of Solr is needed
  • blazing fast Cloud servers with SSD
  • 24/7 availability and health monitoring
  • low monthly costs
Solr Search Engine

A lot of software supports standard connectors for Solr. By using third-party or custom connectors you can also experienve all the benefits of this solution.

If you want to know if your system can be connected to Solr or have a website you want to make searchable, feel free to contact us.

magentologo Check out this online demo of Solr connected to Magento Community Edition via Solrbridge.